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Calling all Captains of Industry

At ten bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms in a demure 10,650 square feet, this Pacific Heights listing is swimming in its own opulence. For $12,800,000, or $1,202 per square foot, you can house yourself and eight of your closest friends, while still having a room left over for your pampered, horse-sized dogs.

All joking aside, this place is impressive. Designed by Julius E Krafft and built in 1902, the ornate manse bears all the notable traits of the Gilded Age, including nine fireplaces, a ballroom, formal reception area, and enough wood paneling to make 221B Baker Street jealous. Most of Krafft's work fell victim to either the 1906 earthquake or apartment/condo subdivision, making it all the more impressive that the property's two previous owners managed to maintain it in all its splendor.

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