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Megaloin, or AcCivTenNob Hills?

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When trying to sell a building, realtors have a knack for using descriptors for neighborhoods with otherwise unfriendly connotations. With that in mind, Tenderblog has an interesting discussion about the ability of brokers to redefine neighborhoods with clever contractions. After all, at the end of the day, who decides where we draw neighborhood lines?

The encroachment of the Academy of Art certainly plays a role in the dynamics of the neighborhood, making an interesting case for a separate label. Also, as unfortunately adorable as the handle "Tendernob" is, the neighborhood shares increasingly less in common with its slightly more colorful neighbor to the south. Ultimately, this highlights an important question regarding neighborhood economics: how do we understand a neighborhood's dynamic until we define it? Admittedly, uses change over time, with values rising and falling due to hundreds of factors. However, tampering with a neighborhood's identity by carving out separate place-names just strikes me as self-serving.

Then again, maybe I just prefer the term "Megaloin" to such infantilizing realtor-creations as "FiDi".

Let's define what "is" the Tenderloin-[Tenderblog]