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French Breath of life for Union Street

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As those who live in the area know, the Union Street of fancy boutiques and restaurants has lately given way to vacant storefronts. Using the same logic underpinning restaurant and bar bans in Noe Valley and the Castro, the city shrunk away from planting more restaurants on the high-rent street. It appears that era has met its end.

After the April fall of the Noe restaurant ban, Union Street may get a Gallic shot in the arm. On Wednesday, the Planning Commission will consider the conversion of the long-vacant 1849 Union Street from retail to full service restaurant use. A proposed French eatery, to be rather unimaginatively named "Unique", hopes to occupy the full 1,730 square foot retail space, over three years after the previous tenant, Bianca Luna, left with neither a bang nor wimper. As neighborhood retail vacancy remains high, It will be interesting to see whether the rest of Union will follow suit, along with other hurting commercial corridors.

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