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One Hawthorne, Still There

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Last week, a Curbed commenter asked what was going on at One Hawthorne. Frankly, we have no idea, beyond what we gave you this past April when Curbed SF Editor Andy Wang took a tour of the models. Prices to start somewhere in the $400K's, but not on the MLS, and we don't suggest holding your breath. Sales office open by appointment. Online, no floor plans above the seventh. It's an attractive building, a glass tower set back behind a masonry base, and looking quite nice there at Howard and Hawthorne. By EHDD, the firm started by eminent Bay Area modernist Joe Esherick in the 'sixties.
· One Hawthorne [Curbed SF Archives]

[Update: the sales office is open daily, 11AM to 6PM. And they'd love to show you around!]

One Hawthorne

One Hawthorne, San Francisco, CA