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Paint it, Lady

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The Upper Haight is full of atmospheric throwbacks to the Summer of Love, and 220 Downey Street, just uphill towards Ashbury Heights, is one of them. Completely mad and wonderful, it's also big enough for your band and some hangers-on. Or just your personal commune. Is that pressed tin or Lincrusta? Both? We suspect at some time (in it's no doubt colorful past) the house was lifted to accommodate the garage and make that small, non-Victorian front patio. Nice little grassy yard, good views. Insane kitchen detail and floor plan porn after the jump.

The price of all this good vibe is $2.350M and there's an open house, Sunday, June 20 from 2 to 4pm. Should your tastes run darker, check out Jim Morrison's old Love Street house in Los Angeles.

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