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Sea Cliff, now for $407K Less

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There's just enough Art Deco/Moderne architecture in San Francisco that the examples stand out. We're lucky enough to have had Timothy Pflueger work in the Bay Area, although he didn't do much domestic work. And this one's not by him, or Gardner Dailey, the other usual suspect of the period. We don't know who the architect was, but he produced a lovely house on a spectacular site in Sea Cliff, looking up to the Golden Gate Bridge and down onto Baker Beach. More like a suburban villa outside Paris or Franfkurt, just with more ocean. Circa 1936.

That said, it's been pricechopped a whopping $407K to $4.488M after three months on the market. It needs some work. The realtor's site is here- be on the lookout for the crazy green bathroom. There's an open house Sunday, June 20th from 2 to 4PM.

· 16 25th Avenue [Redfin]