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Smurf House, Now $235K Less

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We love this house in Sea Cliff, although it's not known to house any small blue individuals. It's by an architect previously unknown (to us) named C.C. Dakin who seems to have been practicing in San Francisco prior to WWI; this house dates to 1926. Vaguely English with cast stone and stucco, big windows and nice views. The garage is in the back, accessed through an rear alley, more polite than everyone driving between houses. None of this (except possibly the color) or the swell kitchen have kept it from being pricechopped to $3.950M down from $4.185M after about a month on the market.

2979 Lake Street is also open Sunday, June 20 from 2 to 4pm. If it's wet out, they'll probably make you take your shoes off. Whatever happened to those little blue booties?

· 2979 Lake Street [Redfin]