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Your Sundays Are Now Booked

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Samuel Mockbee (1944-2001)

Architecture geeks/film buffs, get your popcorn ready. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presents Something from Nothing: Films on Design & Architecture an architecture film festival from July 11 to September 5 (Sundays, all) in their intimate 92-seat screening room. Tickets and schedule here. Seriously, don't wait. Can you really resist an afternoon with the late, great activist-architect Samuel Mockbee and The Rural Studio?

On the other end of the scale- the global starchitect, Miuccia Prada ex-BF, and generally all-around-cranky Rem Koolhaas epic. Koolhaas has stated "it's the only film about me that I have liked." Which means it should be hilarious:

Ticket price includes free entry to the Yerba Buena galleries and the films are concurrent with the exhibition TechnoCRAFT.