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Woody in El Cerrito, Save $200K

If anything could get us to move to El Cerrito, it's this house. Beyond the decor and dirty windows is a fairly luxe example of the mid-century work of Ratcliff & Ratcliff from 1958. It does, after all, have an indoor, skylit swimming pool and great views along with beautiful detailing. The architect's taken the ceiling farther than the ubiquitous tongue-and-groove planking and somehow managed interlocking drapery tracks, shelving and soffits in the expected wood-on-wood interior. On the market 266 days and Pricechopped to $1.55M- you've saved $200K by doing absolutely nothing. Plus a hideous yet fascinating video tour of this distant relative of the Brady Bunch house.

The indoor pool has a Tahoe-in-the-Sixties vibe.

Living proof of the need to de-clutter.

· 1455 Vista Road [Redfin]