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William J. Mitchell, Designer of the Future Now

RoboScooter Image: Michael Cia-Liang Lin

William J. Mitchell, an architect, educator and theorist- some might say futurist- died late last week, He not only greatly influenced the use of digital techniques in the practice of architecture and design, but was a fundamental thinker in the reinvention of both our built environment and consumables in light of the digital revolution.

You can see and hear him at Bigthink, where he comments on the automobile, a subject that rages most hot here in San Franciso. He was the head of MIT's Smart Cities project at the MIT Media Lab and also brought to MIT buildings by Steven Holl, Frank Gehry, and Fumihiko Maki (who also designed the Yerba Buena Arts Center here) among others. The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) and RoboScooter above.

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