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Wurster, Slashed

The PriceChopper has been out and about in Berkeley, slashing away at classic Bay Area modernism. William Wurster's Strauss House, from 1937 (above) got trimmed after a month on the market from $1.25M to $1.88M. One of Wurster's more modest houses, it's on the slope above the Claremont Hotel complex but may have had its view compromised by a neighbor's garage. The interior decor's pretty? compromised as well. It's hard to appreciate Wurster's subtle proportions while getting clobbered by all that Second Empire glitz. Which is ironic, because Wurster's clients hired him to get away from those kinds of interiors- most likely, the ones they grew up with.

Across the canyon, a two-unit Wurster from 1941 with great views. Started out at $1.85M about three months ago, now currently "pending" at a $100K less. Of the two units, one unit looks fairly original. The other unit seems to have suffered a losing bout with the 'Eighties. But you won't notice any of that if you just keep gazing out the windows.

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