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Late-Period Shagalicious

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Clearly, someone let a bathtub overflow somewhere. But that can only begin to explain why we love this house, a 1996 reprise of the Streamline Moderne/Art Deco impulse, reinterpreted for the Disco Era ten years too late. This house in the Oakland Hills takes its design cues from everywhere. French nuclear reactors? Love those twin stacks! Glass block wet bar? Check. Glass and brass railings? Check. Curving veneer? Check.

The realtor's online photo tour is direct and straightforward about the water damage, but doesn't hold back, giving us a gold-leafed, rough-hewn faux-stone master bedroom with a circular bed, too. At $599K, one can only wonder if this bank-owned beauty isn't also sliding down the hill. But we're just teasing you- it's listed as "pending."

No house should suffer like this.

No water damage here. Comfy!

Presenting a stern, Moderne facade with no hint of the exuberance inside.

·1985 Tunnel Road, Oakland, CA 94705 [Redfin]