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Toga Party!

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Photo Credit: USC Greene & Greene Virtual Archive

Mark your calendars: Berkeley's splendid Greene & Greene survivor, the Thorsen House is holding a fundraising tour of the house on Saturday, August 14, 2010 from five to nine in the evening. One of the few (only?) frat houses to be on the National Register of Historic Places, and we're hoping all the Sigma Phi lads will wear togas. Tickets available here. Should you feel compelled to do some research, check out the no-stone-unturned Greene & Greene Archive for hours of Greene & Greene action.

Just in case you're thinking this will be a quiet little Berkeley event with a few tweedy types and tickets available anytime, don't. The open house is being held in conjunction with the San Francisco Arts & Crafts Fair the same weekend. People will be scoring some Grueby and heading over bridge for a fix of clinker brick and fine joinery.