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The Under 500K Club

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This week's first nominee for the Under 500K Club is in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood at 994 Rutland Road and the corner of Sunnydale, a few blocks west of Bayshore Boulevard and so far south it's practically in Brisbane. Built in 1948, we're not sure why the realtor chose to call it Contemporary. Contemporary to what, exactly- the founding of Israel? The Truman Administration? We do love the green exterior. And the carpets appear to have been freshly vacuumed. Always a plus, but at $463,500 we're not quibbling. The unwarranted second bath might be a worry someday, but really, one would not feel guilty about tearing anything out now or waiting until you could afford to.

It last sold for $718K in September '06 and is now bank-owned.

·994 Rutland Street [Redfin]