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SF Bracing for 49ers Santa Clara Move

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The 49ers are happy. The NFL is happy. Most of Santa Clara and even some of San Francisco are, too. So far so good for the 49ers move to a new stadium in Santa Clara for the 2014 season -- mostly. Apparently feeling confident on the heels of his nomination for lieutenant governor, Mayor Gavin Newsom fired off a press release stating that the Santa Clara measure is "built on shaky economic ground, and a significant math problem and financing gaps remain." Newsom is of course still clinging to the hopes of a Lennar-funded 49ers stadium in Hunters Point. "When the Santa Clara plan falls apart, San Francisco stands ready to welcome its 49ers home." Oh really?

Randy Shaw points out other bad deals cities have made in the past to placate their sports teams, and rejoices in $100 million in redevelopment profits that might now be funneled back to the city. But there are some who are more emotionally distraught over this loss than either Newsom or Shaw, like this letter to the editor in the Examiner today, which claims that Newsom "will be forever known as the mayor who lost the 49ers to Santa Clara." Aw snap. "Hopefully, he will release a YouTube video explaining to San Franciscans why our five-time Super Bowl champs won’t be playing here anymore." We're waiting!
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