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PriceChopper: A Wee Snip in Noe Valley

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Then: $930,000
Now: $829,000
You Save: $101,000 or 11 percent

This 2-bedroom, 1-bath Noe Valley pre-earthquake Victorian has been on the market for nearly a year -- this is actually its fourth pricechop in that time. The 1,175-square-foot unit is tricked out with Brazilian granite, maple flooring, stainless steel appliances and a rather lovely landscaped garden. But at $706 per square foot, it's hardly the priciest abode in Noe -- so why isn't this one moving? Oh, right: maybe if you've got nearly a million to spend, you don't want upstairs neighbors.

· 1107 Castro Street [Redfin]

1107 Castro Street, San Francisco CA