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Census Blankets City, But We're Not Feeling Cozy

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The decennial census yields some of the best (and some of the only) geographical statistics on neighborhood composition in America. But that doesn't make it any less of a hassle to fill out that form -- and any less creepy when the feds come a-knocking. A little more than a quarter of US households did not return their questionnaires this year, and the census' follow-up operations are in full-effects across the Bay Area. And despite a multi-million dollar ad blitz, some residents are surprised by these tenacious door-knockers -- and sometimes for good reason. We've been hearing some not so great things on the transom about census workers sneaking behind locked gates and camping out in front of difficult homes. We know this goes both ways, so we're wondering what things are like for census workers out there too. What are the best and worst neighborhoods you've had the pleasure of working? Or have you been the victim of a tenacious fed? We want the dirt. Hit us up in the comments or on the tip line. Don't worry, we'll keep you anonymous. We don't want another Yuba City on our hands.

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