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Berkeley Developer's Planning a Microcondo Sequel in SoMa

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Remember Cubix (or is it CUBIXSF now?), the SoMa microcondos that went through a spot of trouble recently, perhaps through no fault of their own? Looks like SoMa's in for a sequel to the blocky shoebox housing experiment: the SF Business Times reports that Panoramic Interests, a Berkeley-based developer that's done a lot of student housing and infill development across the bay, is planning a 22-unit "micro-project" in San Francisco (and a matching one in Berkeley as well). Ours, at 38 Harriet St, is still in the entitlement process, but when they're done, the studios should weigh in at 310 to 340 square feet and cost around $275,000 each.

Compare that to Cubix, whose units now range from $199k to $259k and total 250 to 350 square feet each. The building will be built in a factory by Zeta Communities, which claims to be able to build at 20 percent cheaper than traditional structures. Panoramic and Zeta are calling these two micro-projects "SmartSpaces," and they won't have parking, but will make use of nearby car sharing — "in many ways, it's a larger and hipper version of LEGO blocks," says Panoramic's CEO. Sound familiar?
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38 Harriet St, San Francisco, CA