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Bosa Development Wants to Unleash Its Condo Fury on Mission Bay

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If Mission Bay's ever ready for another cycle of the good ol' boom times, Bosa Development will apparently be the first to know. CEO Nat Bosa's watching the city's latest and greatest, One Hawthorne, for signs of life — namely sales somewhere between $700 per square foot, but preferably closer to $800. At that point, says Bosa, they'll feel confident enough to begin on Radiance West, the second phase of the Mission Bay South development, which got iced almost two years ago in a sign of the housing apocalypse. (Remember that?) And once that's done with, Bosa's going to move, fast and furious, to Lot 13, a site just south of Channel Street, where the houseboats end. Says Bosa: "We will hit it very hard, go from the Radiance to the next one to the next one. ... Nobody likes an orphan." Sounds like Mission Bay's got nothing to worry about!
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Radiance SF

325 China Basin St, San Francisco, California