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Remodeled Twice, Clarendon Heights House Hits Market for 3rd Try

Time has been kind to 224 Twin Peaks, a 3-bed, 2.5-bath house in Clarendon Heights that's apparently seen a couple remodels in the last two years. But the market hasn't been so kind. Curbed profiled this house some two years back, when it was a decidedly homelier abode that came in peach yellow. Its price tag in June 2008 was $1,249,000, a price chop of nearly $150k in only a couple weeks on the market. Then in November 2008, SocketSite noticed the house had returned to market after some facial reconstruction, listed at the newly ambitious price of $1,749,000 — but not without the same old inferiority complex! — because it dipped again a couple weeks later to $1,655,000. Today's asking price? A much humbler $1,399,000, closer to its pre-remodel 2008 price. Let's see if it can make it two weeks without a price chop this time!
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224 Twin Peaks Blvd., San Francisco, CA