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Parkmerced Tells Tomorrow's Story, Gears Up for Supersizing

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Parkmerced's informational presentation to the Planning Commission today will just be a preview of the main event this summer, but what opposition there is remains somewhat muted, given that it'll take the suburb-style community from around 3,200 units now to almost 9,000 over the course of 20 years. The reason for that, according to district supe Sean Elsbernd: owners Stellar Management "have done their homework." By that, he could be referring to one big lesson learned from another megadevelopment: current tenants of the two-story townhouses will be housed during their demolition, and not only will their new homes within the community rent for the same amount, rent control will carry over as well. It's just like the apparently precedent-setting deal turning Trinity Plaza into the multi-building Trinity Place. The long-range Parkmerced plans calls for killing all the townhouses, and putting in about 7,200 new homes for sale and rent, building an elementary school, and rerouting the M-line through the development.
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