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French Firm Says East Bay's a Better Route for High-Speed Rail

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We linked to this story yesterday, but it could use another look: despite the fact that the California High-Speed Rail Authority seems to have its heart set on taking the bullet train through the Peninsula up to San Francisco, a French firm was set to release a report yesterday that insists the East Bay is a better route. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again? The report was sponsored by the same groups that sued the rail authority last year with the intent to shift the train's alignment to the East Bay.

That lawsuit failed, though the judge did concur that the Peninsula route could use a little more due diligence. The newest report says that although the East Bay route's up to five miles longer than the Peninsula route, it would share 53 fewer miles with Caltrain, meaning the potential slowdown from all that jostling would also be less. One group that sponsored the report hopes it'll move the high-speed folks away from their "very biased approach." Meanwhile, one board member retorts the report's "not unbiased. They're trying to sell a point of view. We're not. We don't care. We want the best approach."
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