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Tenderloin TIC's Rotating Wall Shelf Is Great for Secret Hobbies

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Unit 401 at 735 Geary is one of two tenancies in common in the brick mid-rise building on the MLS now. Marketed as "history reborn!", the 1-bed, 1-bath stands at 822 square feet. At Geary and Leavenworth, the location of the 21-unit building's a little Tenderloiny — but also a little Tendernobby, if that means anything to potential buyers. Its special, if a little peculiar, features include a circular bedroom, and what looks like a rotating wall shelf — great for secret superhero costumes or sordid sex dungeons! Asking price is $425,000, and the HOAs are $392 a month. The other unit's a 1-bed going for $385k.
· 735 Geary St #401 [Redfin]
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735 Geary St., San Francisco, CA