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Crumbly Church Tower, Meet Modern Condo Building

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On Tuesday we noted the opposition to Anasazi Properties and Stanley Saitowitz's 1601 Larkin — a neighborhood-wide poster juxtaposing the old church with slightly stale iteration of the new condo building. Opponents went down a list of bullet points explaining why the proposal was problematic, including the developer "not providing any adaptive reuse option" for the church. But that wouldn't have just been problematic for neighbors — an environmental impact report has to provide such alternatives, even if they're not favored by the developer. The release of the EIR on the Planning Department's website today, along with comments and responses to the doc, do in fact show a couple adaptive alternatives to the church. One would simply fill in the church's parking lot with a slimmer condo building while keeping the church for use as five residential units, an entrance lobby, and child-care facility — for a total of 14 condos. In the "partial preservation" scenario, the bell tower would be saved and Frankenstein'd onto the new building, creating 27 units — again, note that the green-glass scheme is an older design that's long been available on both Anasazi's and Saitowitz's respective websites (see Monday's post for the metallic reboot).
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1601 Larkin St., San Francisco, CA