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Monster Church Mansion on Dolores Park Returns, Newly Staged!

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Speaking of church-turned-residences, SocketSite has spotted the return of 601 Dolores, the monstrous Dolores Park-fronting church that was turned into a 3-bed multimillion-dollar home over a year ago. Last month, we noticed that the price had been chopped from $9.95 million to $7,490,000, though the house was still hiding in retreat from the MLS. This latest relaunch includes a full gallery of striking new photos of the property, now fully staged. Unsurprisingly, there isn't enough furniture in an IKEA showroom to fill this house, which means the neat, clustered arrangements only serve to highlight the house's general massiveness. There's so much square footage that you might as well use a spare room as a walk-in closet, for example. Or is that just a walk-in closet that's so big it may as well come with seating for you to ponder your day's outfit?
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601 Dolores St., San Francisco, CA