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Another Sad Shave Off Asking Price for Persistent Sea Cliff House

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At this point, it's just sad, but we won't begrudge 830 El Camino del Mar another honest go at it. The Sea Cliff 2-bed, 2-bath has been on and off the market for years now, and for the same amount of time has failed repeatedly to find a buyer — meanwhile, we watch, with some inscrutable mixture of interest and boredom. The latest list price for the 3,734 square foot home: $10,500,000, a price chop from January's $11.5 mil of one million dollars, and 41.7 percent off its $18 million asking price from summer 2008. Anyway, plucky little Sea Cliff house: see you again on the MLS, same time next year?
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830 El Camino del Mar, San Francisco, CA