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Market & Dolores Whole Foods Condos, Now With Extra Shiny!

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If any local architecture firm has plenty of work these days, it's got to be BAR Architects, whose partnership with Prado Group has borne two major supermarket/condo developments. We featured a rendering of the newer one, at 1401 California, last week — a six-story building that comes right up to the corner of California and Hyde, and also manages to preserve a piece of the old Cala Foods wall and V-shaped ceiling. Moving on to the other mixed-use project, then: the Whole Foods at 2001 Market. The project has up until now has been depicted in watercolors and simpler renderings, making these latest images a whole different look at the project. BAR notes the building's "emphasis on verticality and 25-30 foot modules," which "allows the building to continue the residential rhythm of the neighborhood." But enough architalk — according to the architect's site, the project could supposedly begin construction in fall 2010, with the Whole Foods opening early 2012 and the 80 condos coming online by mid-2012.
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Whole Foods

2001 Market St, san francisco, ca

2001 Market St, San Francisco, CA