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Probably Not What Most People Envision in Stainless Steel Kitchen

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A few years in a intensely used kitchen can lead to some pretty gnarly walls — a problem that Ashbury Heights' 220 Downey will head off straight away with its incredible aluminum foil walls. That unmistakable feeling of living inside a freshly polished tin box? Totally worth the convenience of wipe-down walls and ceilings! And given the strange attention lavished on the detailing, the kitchen almost seems to walk a fine, fascinating line between wonderful and hideous (though mostly the latter). Anyway, the rest of the 5-bed, 4-bath Vic may be decent enough to reserve judgment on the house on the whole. Even if the front face does show a little hint of the kitchen's, shall we say, distinct personality. Asking price is $2,350,000. (Not including cost of remodeling the kitchen to make it less headache-inducing.)
· 220 Downey St [Website]

220 Downey St., San Francisco, CA