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Residents Near 24th Street Brainstorm for a Generally Nicer Place

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The city's Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative doesn't have 24th Street on its map, but the drag is nonetheless part of the program to give a leg up to businesses in the "developing neighborhood." Mission Loc@l reports on a workshop held last night, more of which are to come, where neighbors gathered to brainstorm on what they wanted to see on the commercial strip in the next five to 10 years. The Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative actually targets a number of such "low and moderate-income commercial districts" around the city, including the Tenderloin, Divisadero (though that one looks like it may be flying the coop soon), Visitacion Valley, the Fillmore, etc. Suggestions? More street fairs, more events! Cafes for hanging out, brighter lights, "branding the corridor for a unified look." And, fer cryin' out loud, less street pissing in Balmy Alley? One guy suggested painting more Virgin Marys everywhere, as "perpetrators" don't like to pee on her.
· The Future of 24th Street [Mission Loc@l]