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Restaurant Designer Pat Kuleto's Sausalito Houseboat Hits MLS

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Come along on a quick ferry ride up north, if you will, for restaurant designer Pat Kuleto's houseboat in Sausalito has just hit the market. The 3-bed, 2-bath "floating home" — wow, you sure can squeeze a lot into those guys — was designed by Kuleto himself, naturally, and he calls it the "Lilypad." Lilypad is where he "began building his award-winning restaurant dynasty," says an agent. It features an open floor plan, three levels, a fireplace, and wet bar. It's in an "exclusive location" with only four other houseboats, plus a security gate. Asking price: $495,000 ... and you were thinking about settling for a 1-bedroom condo in the city. (If you're San Francisco-bound, there are always those Mission Creek houseboats too.)
· 2350 Marinship Way #3 [Marin Modern]


2350 Marinship Way #3, Sausalito, CA