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Barneys Gives In on Basement, Gets Ready to Move Stuff for Train

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The sequence of events that's led Barneys to sink $1.5 million into a remodel of its store on O'Farrell and Stockton might be a little unsavory for the company to consider. The department store recently charged that the city had failed to disclose "critical facts" about the building's basement space, which they'd subsequently spent "millions" turning into store space. The SFMTA turned out to need that space for its upcoming Central Subway project, and revoked Barneys' permit for usage. Barneys appealed the decision to no avail. As a result, the store will be moving on a 12-week "critical retrofit" in order to move all their stuff aside for Central Subway utilities. They don't sound too bitter about it, but maybe that's because they don't appear in this SF Business Times story; instead, it's the contractor who speaks: "Barneys New York has been a wonderful client of ours in Scottsdale and we want to make this project as smooth and painless as possible for them." They've had a tough enough go of it already!
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[Barneys photo via The Dana Files]