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Yearlong Exhibit of Designer Animal Habitats Launches in Presidio

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"Presidio Habitats," that art project meant to create habitats for specific animals in the Presidio, launched about a week ago. Via SF Citizen, they include lots of quirky things from some pretty well known artists, architects, and designers, obviously not all of them strictly habitats, as just animal-themed in general. There's a "model home designed to accommodate six animal clients" by Fritz Haeg; a bunch of owl habitats made from classical Chinese vessels by artist Ai Weiwei; a surreal installation of "meditative aphorisms that describe robin behavior" made from sterile straw in mesh netting, by Philippe Becker Design; a gray fox habitat shaped like pyramid stairs, by CEBRA; and actually, a lot more, all starting with a shipping-container exhibition pavilion designed by Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects. It appears the hummingbird habitat by Michelle Kaufmann that we profiled a couple months ago didn't make the cut, but the proposal, along with others, will be on exhibit. The whole thing runs through May of next year.
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