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IwamotoScott TICs Not Doing So Hot, Both Have Been Cut 13 Percent

We last checked in with well-regarded theoretical firm IwamotoScott as they embarked on a new quest to go for more bricks-and-mortar commissions. One of their first ventures into the brave new world of real designs has unfortunately not been faring well on the market. Earlier this month, the PS House in North Beach, along with its more demure Edwardian sibling, each received its second price chop. The PS House was reduced to $1,000,000, a $149k or 13 percent decrease from its original list price. The face of the pair, the Edwardian, got cut down to $1,300,000, a $200k or 13.3 percent chop. The tenancies in common are now selling for $870 and $531 per square foot respectively, with the average for North Beach, according to Redfin, at $654.
· 2145 Powell (Rear Unit) [Redfin]
· 2145 Powell (Front Unit) [Redfin]
· North Beach's IwamotoScott Pair Gets a Couple Chops a Month In [Curbed SF]
· Two IwamotoScott-Designed North Beach TICs From $1.15M to $1.5M [Curbed SF]

2145 Powell St., San Francisco, CA