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Newly Piled Together Mission House Promises Sweaty Palms

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There's something a little unsettling about this former carriage house in the Mission. Sure, the ad says it's "very safe (we've raised 3 kids here)," but that's probably more an assurance about the neighborhood than about the slippery-looking bridge-loft construction experiment going on here. The "modern loft turned liability," as our tipster calls it, is a 2-bed, 2-bath built new from the foundation up, with 18-foot cathedral ceilings and an outdoor patio. Is this drunken popsicle-stick house up to code? We'll bet no, but at least the dogs don't seem too worried about it. Going for $2,950 a month.
· Beautiful Brand New House [Craigslist, via Curbed Inbox]

1011 Shotwell St., San Francisco, CA