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Lennar-Commissioned Report Says Hunters Point Will Make Bank

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Nicely timed, Lennar: a new analysis of the Hunters Point megadevelopment shows that San Francisco stands to rake in big money dropping condos, apartments, and offices all over the former shipyard. The developer-commissioned report by a Berkeley-based firm projects that even by 2021, when the project's only halfway through, the city will be pulling in $24 million in tax revenue, while costing taxpayers $15.7 million. The numbers hold up through the end of construction, when the 10,500-home development should end up costing $32 million annually — for things like police, transit, and fire services — while bringing in $49.3 million from property taxes, payroll taxes ... just a whole lot of taxes for a whole lot of new neighborhood. The report was released ahead of the Board of Supes hearing on the project's environmental impact report next month — enough time for Lennar to start sending flowers and singing telegrams to our supervisors.
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