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Jensen Architects' Kokoris House Isn't Shy About Being Half-Naked

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Last month we linked to a photo gallery of Jensen Architect's Kokoris Residence, which turns out to be a 4-bed, 3.5-bath Clarendon Heights house that just hit the market today. The "fascinating remodel" is all "modern minimalist" — its most "fascinating" feature obviously being its half-naked front, a "front glassed patio extension" that's certainly a very forward way for a house to say hello. In the gallery above, a MapJack photo shows the house undergoing surgery ahead of its modern reimagining. Jensen Architects, by the way, is the same firm behind the SFMOMA's critic-pleasing rooftop garden. Asking price for the 3,448-square-footer: $2,999,000, a cool million above its 2003 going price of $1,925,000.
· 50 Mountain Spring Ave [Redfin]

Kokoris Residence

50 Mountain Spring Ave., San Francisco, CA