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High-Flying St. Regis Penthouse Last Known to Be Asking $49 Mil

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Opulence, thy name is Museum Tower Penthouse. The prime St. Regis property actually debuted almost two years ago at a mind-boggling $70 million, a list price that would have, had it actually sold at that mark, netted the highest sale ever in San Francisco. The penthouse is built from three separate penthouses over two floors, combined by owner and real estate mogul Victor MacFarlane into a single, 20,000 square foot monster with a master suite that's 2,500 square feet alone. The 6-bed, 7-bath (plus four powder rooms!) place has a two-story foyer with a "cascading waterfall," a home screening room, two laundry rooms (one for each floor!), and six-car valet parking. The penthouse was last known to be $49 million, but with a property this rich, you might only be able to find out its current asking price while outfitted with monocle and top hat.
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St. Regis

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St. Regis

188 Minna St., San Francisco, CA