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Soon-to-Launch Laguna Honda's Made Up of Little Neighborhoods

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Ahead of Laguna Honda Hospital's end-of-summer launch, the Chronicle brings us a little insight into the architecture of what's normally a pretty cut and dried event. The design team leader at Anshen+Allen explains that the hospital's built like a community, separated into "neighborhoods" comprising a larger "village." Hospitals can be "intimidating," he says, raising the example of an elderly man who was stopped at a busy corridor looking left and right as if "he didn't want to get hit by traffic." Anshen+Allen's model for the long-term and end-of-life care facility aims to shrink that scary corridor, and allow patients to wander about freely, from their residential areas to an "esplanade" with a barber shop, cafe, and theater — should they choose to. Nice touches for a complex that ended up — as large developments normally go — way over budget and a "public relations nightmare at times for the city." So: is the long Laguna Honda nightmare finally over?
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Laguna Honda Hospital

375 Laguna Honda Blvd., San Francisco, CA