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Warfield Condos Have Room for Some Enterprising Residents Too

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Back in February, when we learned that Mid-Market cheerleader David Addington was converting seven stories of the Warfield building into full-floor commercial condos, we didn't also guess that they'd be marketed with residential usage. Turns out that their Downtown General Commercial zoning (C3G) allows for "accessory use housing" — meaning their main use will be commercial, but you'll find the odd bedroom and living room tucked off in the corner somewhere. No complaints here — it's the Warfield, man (if you can, for a moment, look past Mid-Market's deficiencies). True, you'll need a believable front an actual business to get your foot in the door, but then again, you'll also need $1.3 to about $2.5 million and about a grand a month for HOAs. Bonus: "guaranteed 8 tickets to every performance at the Warfield!"
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The Warfield

982 Market St, , CA 94102 Visit Website

Warfield Theater

988 Market St., San Francisco, CA