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A View of Nob Hill at California and Hyde, Post-Cala Foods Era

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Check it out: it's been a while since we've heard anything from Prado Group on 1401 California, the mixed-use replacement for Nob Hill's Cala Foods. The developer posted some blurry elevations on the 107-unit (give or take) development's website this past September — and then nothing. BAR Architects to the rescue! At some point, the project designers posted some much nicer renderings to their own website, featuring a six-story grocery-and-condo building flush with the sidewalk at California and Hyde. Like the Whole Foods condos slated for Market, rooftop trees abound — a residential courtyard's also planned on top of the supermarket. The long stagnant project website predicts a Planning Commission meeting in May 2010, which means there's but one week left to meet that goal (they're not on this week's agenda). In any case, we'll probably be hearing from these guys soon enough. If they get the commission's approval, construction could start next year.
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1401 California St., San Francisco, CA