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Russian Hill's Upstart Replacement for Small Demolished Cottage

Would the little Russian Hill cottage that got smashed to pieces last year be rolling in its grave today? The owners of the lot have moved swiftly on their proposal for a five-story building in the contentious spot where neighbors and preservationists said a small historic house stood. Via SocketSite today, designs for the four-unit building meant to take its place have surfaced, as the Historic Preservation Commission's Architectural Review Committee takes a look at the site. The project's actually working its way through environmental review right now, but the Planning Department wanted to allow the preservation guys to get their greedy eyes on it due to "strong interest ... in the emergency demolition that took place at the property in March 2009." 'Course, that milk's already been spilt pretty hard, but no harm in thumbing through a few pictures, right? The project's being designed by Kerman Morris Architects, the same firm behind the New Mission Theater condos and a 36-unit development on 6th St.
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1268 Lombard St., San Francisco, CA