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A Rear-Yard 1-Bedroom Cottage in Russian Hill, for $2,500 a Month

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Oh, the enduring charm of the rear-yard cottage! Even better than street-facing cottages: each one makes you think of all those times you camped out in the backyard as a kid. The 1-bed, 1-bath Russian Hill cottage at 1261A Filbert has been refinished through and through: modern kitchen and bath, says the ad, plus new appliances and fixtures. And the washer and dryer are also "conveniently staked" in the kitchen, we're promised — just another way to say "charming," which is also another way to say: "You won't be hanging out in the kitchen when the laundry's going." Parking's included in the rent, which is $2,500 a month.
· 1261A Filbert St [Craigslist]