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Two Bayview Developments Come Online, and Another Go in Alameda

BAYVIEW: The 18-unit below-market-rate mixed-use development at 4800 3rd has launched. We first checked out the Van Meters Pollack & Williams-designed building and its "eco-colors" over a year ago — they're all 1-beds and 2-beds, and range from $156,000 to $275,000. Nice sentiment: "We have entered a delightful time in real estate where style and sustainability are available at every price point." [Curbed Inbox]

BAYVIEW: And then there's 5800 3rd St, the former Coca-Cola bottling plant and home of the neighborhood's future Fresh & Easy grocer. Looks like the building ended up with a cooler color scheme — its 137 1-, 2-, and 3-bed units start in the $300,000s and looks to be starting its sales effort soon. [SocketSite]

ALAMEDA: Despite getting a firm "no" from voters, developer SunCal's still pushing ahead with its plan to "revitalize" the defunct Alameda Naval Air Station: "We want to re-introduce ourselves to the Alameda community and outline what the future of Alameda Point should and can be," they say. To that end, they've scored a labor agreement with East Bay trade unions, have shared that fact in a press release saying they've won "labor support." [Curbed Inbox]