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New York Times Alludes to Very Specialness of Presidio Landmark

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There's something special about the Presidio and the Presidio Landmark, the 154-apartment luxury building being born from the shell of the old Public Health Service Hospital. So implies the New York Times feature on the development anyway: guys, this is either real estate marketing, or just real estate, at its best. The Presidio Landmark's website flogs the yoga/Pilates/hot tub lifestyle, but what you really get is the profound, and profoundly sexy, distinction of living on historic lands, in a federally protected park — in a luxury apartment complex converted from a former hospital! Even this funky excerpt about "headlight spillover" will impart on future residents the undeniable thrill of "greener than thou"-ness: "Saucer-shaped hoods above the lampposts minimize the light shed on the park at night, while berms around the terraced lot keep headlight glare from spreading far and wide. Other rules restricted demolition projects during raptor nesting season and mandated that native plants be used for landscaping." Are we excited? Rents haven't been announced yet, and the website doesn't have photos yet — but the campaign has begun.
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[Photo by Peter DaSilva/New York Times]

The Presidio Landmark

1801 Wedemeyer St, San Francisco, CA