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Garden Tour in Potrero Hill, and New Homeownership Initiative

POTRERO HILL: The Potrero Branch Library's holding their "Hidden Gems Potrero Hill Garden Tour" again on Sunday, May 23. Tickets are $25 a person or $40 for a pair, and can be bought at Christopher's Books on 18th and All States Best Foods on 20th. [Curbed Inbox]

SOMA: In a couple days, Gavin's going to announce at SPUR HQ a new initiative called HomeownershipSF, a collaboration between five nonprofits meant to help people buy homes, daunting task that it is. Gavin: "Affording a home in San Francisco is out of reach for many people who would like to buy in the city, but not for as many people as is perceived. Not knowing where to get help stops people from even considering homeownership. HomeownershipSF's innovative approach will help stem the tide of working class flight from San Francisco and restore the city's diverse socio-economic fabric." [Curbed Inbox]