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Hayes Valley Saitowitz Gro-Sto Project Faces Appeal This Week

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Hearts might have stopped for a second at Stanley Saitowitz's office when the project team saw the appeal of 555 Fulton's environmental go-aheadSocketSite noticed yesterday that while the Hayes Valley project is up for an approval hearing this week at the Planning Commission, so is an appeal of the 136-unit residence/supermarket combo. But the project's been through a rough five years already, and this latest could just end up being a battle scar. Despite claims of "wildlife impacts," "negative neighborhood impacts," and "toxicity and toxic waste exposure," the appeal hasn't moved the Planning Department, which continues to recommend that the commission uphold their negatory on environmental impacts. Among the claims: that 555 Fulton will "directly and indirectly destroy wildlife habitat" depended upon by a ton of birds, there'll be "parking and pollution problems," and "heavy industrial equipment" may have contaminated the soil. Department staffers have submitted their responses to such concerns (PDF), but we'll find out Thursday what the Planning Commission thinks! (Also, no word on whether the city's willing to go back to the original Saitowitz design for the building.)
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[Rendering courtesy Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects]