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Historic Nightingale House in the Lower Haight Hits Bargain Bin

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As noted by Haighteration and SocketSite, the historic Nightingale House in the Lower Haight has been on the market for four days now. The 4-bed, 3-bath "cottage" was built by a reportedly unknown architect in 1882 for John Nightingale, a forty-niner and "real estate dealer." The building's now "all that remains of the extensive holding of the family in the vicinity," and is a "masterpiece of Eastlake Style, Second Empire and Late Italian Villa Styles." It was also recently property of Jo Hanson, a San Francisco Arts Commissioner, and in 1972 was named Landmark No. 47 — a plaque that celebrates the designation lives on the property today. At 4,400 square feet and $1,575,000, 201 Buchanan's priced at a bargain $358 per square foot, compared to $902 for the rest of the ZIP. The website notes "numerous options for remodeling" due to its "flexible" floor plan. Looks like it could use a good spit and polish to take the edge off the creepiness that Haighteration refers to, but it has otherwise — as they say — great bones.
· 201 Buchanan [Website]

Nightingale House

201 Buchanan St, San Francisco, CA

Nightingale House

201 Buchanan St., San Francisco, CA