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Gavin Says Even People With Tattoos Are Supporting Sit-Lie Law

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Today's LA Times report on the sit-lie law is mostly rehash, but catches some details in closeups that maybe other stories haven't yet. For one thing, Gavin says that even "people with earrings in their nose and tattoos on their neck are saying, 'We've got to do something.' " Whoda thunk? The Times also notes that there's some history behind the debate — and not just recent sit-lie laws passed in other cities. San Francisco itself used a similar law in the '70s aimed at gay men, and Mayor Frank Jordan tried to push through a "virtually identical one" in '94, before Herb Caen called it "a bummer" and it died at the voting booth. Meanwhile, the three laws in the sit-lie party are up for discussion in a Board of Supes committee today. You remember them: 1) revisions to the actual sit-lie law, 2) the counter- or complementary measure that would create a community justice program, and 3) the ban against telling lies on sidewalks. Let the circus begin!
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[A protest against sit-lie, via Steve Rhodes]