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3-Bedroom Diamond Heights House Simulates Life in Palm Springs

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The 3-bed, 2-bath Diamond Heights house above just hit the market three days ago, offering a real estate meld of "urban sophistication" and "the finest of Palm Spring's outdoor living." Designed by John Simmons, the property's website says the architecture "seems to be much about lines and light." As perhaps, midcentury modern in general goes. There's a 10-foot west-facing glass wall, a freestanding fireplace, remodeled kitchen, and Glen Canyon "vistas." Though it comes off as a sprawling desert compound in the photos, a SocketSite commenter says it's only 1,411 square feet, which might explain its asking price: $1,050,000.
· 48 Turquoise Way [Website, via SocketSite, Curbed Inbox]

48 Turquoise Way, San Francisco, CA