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Santa Clara Niners Look Inevitable, But Opponents Still Fighting

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As the 49ers move inexorably toward sealing the deal on their Santa Clara stadium, opponents still have a few vague warnings about financial loopholes that they hope could derail support. Actually, prognosis on their effort seems kind of grim: a poll a couple weeks ago showed 52 percent of likely voters in favor of the stadium ("We see no downside," says a former councilman), versus 36 percent against. And what do opponents have in their arsenal? A message that the stadium's plan for financing has loopholes that could allow the football team to stick the city with millions in unexpected costs — "it's not our job to provide value for the 49ers," says one opponent. Probably not, but the thought of the football team relocating to Santa Clara's already too exciting for 52 percent of voters to resist. Which leaves the opposition a hell of an uphill battle to wage in the next month, on a $3,000 budget (Lennar not too interested in helping out?).
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